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Better Light for Less Money= Money in the Bank for You!

If you are a Business Owner, Landlord, Property Manager or a key decision maker, running a commercial facility in the JEA service area and do not react to this information, you are either throwing money away or you have already addressed the issue.

When times get tough individuals seek ways to cut costs to either make ends meet or to maintain their lifestyle. Businesses also look for ways to cut costs to maintain profitability and keep that bottom line healthy. Depending on the type of business you have, different procedures and strategies are employed to find and reduce costs or develop new business opportunities. From seeking new markets to layoffs, all avenues are studied. Or are they?

During these cost reduction searches, have you looked at your utility bills? Depending on the kind of business you are in, this could be a huge portion of your operating cost. Lighting is typically 40% of a business utility bill. Many businesses look at their energy bills and just assume there’s nothing they can do about it. While you cannot do anything about your electricity rate, you can change your energy consumption, lowering your electricity bill. While the programs remain in effect, your local utility, JEA, is providing serious cash incentives, for energy efficiency improvements, based on the amount of watts you save on your energy consumption with their InvestSmart with JEA Program. InvestSmart with JEA could be the right program for you whether you are a small business, large corporation, a freight logistics company or a sandwich shop. American Electrical Contracting, Inc is a JEA Qualified InvestSmart Trade Ally so call us today for details because every day you wait you are spending money you could be putting in your bank account. This program will not be here forever but your savings will if you InvestSmart with JEA.

The chances are excellent that the InvestSmart with JEA program can help your business. Details can be found on the link above. There a lot of detail on the JEA site, so save yourself sometime and call American Electrical Contracting, Inc. for details. We have been implementing the main portion of InvestSmart, changing out old lights & fixtures for many years, prior to the InvestSmart with JEA program, through our “Better Light Less Money” service. What JEA brings to the party is the money to pay for part of the upgrade cost.Although JEA is offering rebates, at this time we do not know of any such program with FPL, Clay Electric or others. Does mean you should not bother to upgrade your lighting? No, because you may still qualify for the Federal Tax deduction. If neither the JEA or Federal deduction is available, you should still have us perform an energy audit in your commercial building because an upgrade will still save you money & we can provide the numbers to let you know if an upgrade makes economic sense. The difference will be a longer payback period without the two rebate or tax deduction. You have to determine how the numbers we provide fit into your overall business plans.

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (Bailout) Federal Tax Deduction, is where the aforementioned Federal Tax deduction comes from. It involves more than just electric consumption and is available for making energy efficient conversions to your facility. At American Electrical Contracting, Inc. for Jacksonville and surrounding cities, we conduct energy audits that put you on the path to significantly lower monthly utility bills. Details on the Federal Tax Deduction can be found at this link,

From your parking lot lights in Jacksonville, to your warehouse in Fernandina and your corporate office in Orange Park, potential savings are everywhere. Those 4 head 1000 watt bulbs in your parking lot can be updated by our bucket truck service. Those T12 lamps in your office, were discontinued by all manufacturers at the end of 2011, as mandated by the Federal Government, in the EPAC Act of 2005. They can be replaced with T8 or T5. Those power hunger HID lights in your warehouse can also be replaced.

If you have a large facility or warehouses, every month that you delay calling us its costing you more money. If you pay your tenants utility bill, you can increase your income without raising the rent. If start up funding is a problem, talk to us we have relationships that will help you.

Our typical procedure is:

Meet with Decision Maker(s).
*  Explain the program.
*  Gather the required data.
*  Show the forecasted savings.
*  Show your breakeven point
*  Show the installation / modification costs.
*  Show the JEA rebate that you will receive.*
*  Provide the data for the expected tax deduction.*
*  Upon your OK start the job.

Even if you do not qualify for the tax deduction, according to IRS requirements and the JEA rebate program has been discontinued, the money you save on utilities will make this a worthwhile investment. The best part is, when you make your decision, it will be based on facts. You will know what your return on investment is BEFORE you spend a dime.

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Better Light Less Money Conclusion

* As long as programs remain in effect.

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