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Electrical panels are the single most important electrical product inside your home or business. All of the circuits for lights, outlets and every electrical connection is powered from your electrical panel.

The location of electrical panels varies, but can be found in the garage, hallway, dining room, or basement. Today many panels are being placed in the garage, but location is not as important as the manufactured brand.

Electrical Panels by FPE and Zinsco – Warnings

Electrical panels made by Federal Pacific Electric, (FPE) and Zinsco are not safe and should be replaced. American Electrical Contracting, Inc. upgrades old electrical panels with new, safe panels where each circuits is labeled.
FPE and Zinsco panels have faulty breakers and are known to fail. View this video report on FPE. Zinsco has a documented history of problems. Their circuit breakers are known to fail. Read more here.
In older neighborhoods like Avondale, Riverside, Arlington, and St. Augustine and other old neighborhoods on the First Coast, we recommend homes and businesses check the age and brand of their electrical panel. If you are not sure if you have an FPE panel, look for the name Federal Pacific Electric on the cover or the letters FPE. The name Stab-Lok on a label is another clue. It could be on a sticker somewhere on the inside the panel. Please do not try to remove your circuit breakers looking for Stab-Lok. The video will help you understand what to look for.

American Electrical Contracting Can Help

Electrical panel upgrades and repair is a routine component in our business. Why take a chance with the safety of your most precious investment? Get peace of mind by upgrading your panel to one that will protect your home, family or business.
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