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Generator Sales

Generator Sales are just one of the many services provided by American Electrical Contracting, Inc. We size, sell, install & service Standby Generators for Residential & Commercial applications. As one of Northern Florida’s most trusted generator sales and service teams American Electrical Contracting, Inc. represents some of the best products in the industry.

Our Generator Sales Team proudly represents the following brands:

• Generac
• General Electric
• Briggs & Stratton
• & Other major commercial & residential generators

In addition, our factory trained crews stay current with all makes and models to insure that your new generator will run reliably for years.

Reasons to Purchase a Standby Generator

There are many reasons to buy a generator, ranging from necessity to luxury. Here are a few reasons from our customers.
• We have frequent power outages.
• My business needs constant power.
• Medical reasons, I have a sick family member.
• I don’t want my food to spoil.
• I cannot stand being without power!
• Protect my investment in salt water fish.
• I just want one.

Standby Generator Requirements

Purchasing a standby generator for your home or business, is only one component in your total backup solution. In order to arrive at the proper power unit for your home or business our generator sales team will access your location needs based on the following criteria. We supervise the project from acquisition to installation.

• Generator Size – Determine what size generator you need based on which circuits you want to backup and meet your budget. This can range from a few emergency circuits to an entire home or building.
• Transfer Switch – An Automatic Transfer or Manual Switch is required to control your generator. The automatic transfer switch senses when your utility power goes out and automatically starts and stops it when the utility power returns. A manual transfer switch, must be turned on and off as conditions dictate. A big advantage of the automatic transfer switch, is no worries operation. It takes care of the power requirements so you don’t have to.
• Fuel Source – Conventional generators use many fuel types. Liquid Propane, Natural Gas, or Diesel. Some generators, (IPS), will run from special batteries & recharge when electricity is restored or from solar panels.
• Installation requirements – Gas & electrical installations are inspected by City Inspectors. We oversee and schedule the install. Once approved, you’ll have backup power for your business or home. Power outages are no longer an issue for you.
American Electrical Contracting, Inc. takes care of everything for you, including Generator Service after the sale.
Although the portables do not offer the convenience of a standby they are typically inexpensive & are the right solution for many people. Although we do not sell portable generators we can connect them to your main electrical system, eliminating the extension cords & the hazards of using them making them safer to use. *

Generator Q & A

• What is your budget? We sell Standby Generators. Standby generators cost thousands of dollars not hundreds. When purchased with an Automatic Transfer Switch, they automatically turn on or off based on the presence or absence of utility power.

• What circuits do you want to backup? Some customers backup their entire home. Others backup their emergency circuits only, like the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. So, do not let the word “thousands” above, scare you. By prioritizing your needs & selecting a generator to meet those needs, we can fit most reasonable budgets.
• What powers the generator? Liquid Propane (LP), Natural gas or diesel are the fuel sources for conventional generators. For condo’s, high rises & some medical applications, we have indoor power sources that do not produce exhaust or noise & be recharged by solar panels or electricity upon the return of utility power.
• Do I get a warranty with the generator and if so, how long? Depending on the manufacturer, for residential customers, the standard warranty is 2-4 years, with extended warranty, up to 5 years. Warranties typically cover parts & labor for the first few years & parts only in the last year.
• Does a home standby generator need to be serviced, if so, how often? Generators need to be serviced or at least checked once per year, depending on usage. The warranties do not cover regular service requirements. Service is an owner’s responsibility. American Electrical Contracting has factory trained crews and is authorized to service various generators.
If you have additional questions give us a call & we will be happy to assist you.
*When using a portable generator be sure to read your owner’s manual & NEVER operate them in the garage or anywhere where their dangerous carbon monoxide fumes can seep into your home or business

“We Have, The Power to Change Your Life.”

Ten Reasons To Buy a Generator From Us
1. Over 20 years of generator experience on staff.
2. Prompt professional, courteous service.
3. Your generator will be sized correctly to meet your needs.
4. Our factory trained electricians will install your generator correctly.
5. We are your maintenance company after the sale. *
6. We are a licensed Electrical Contractor. Trained to repair any electrical issues.
7. Nationally recognized generator brands like, Generac, General Electric, Briggs & Stratton & others.
8. Single point of contact for the complete installation, gas & permits included.
9. Products for a wide variety of applications.
10. Financing available* *
* We do not service portable generators but we will install a transfer switch allowing you to use your portable generator safely, without extension cords.
** Financing through referred 3rd parties & manufacturer not American Electrical Contracting, Inc.

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