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As Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

When he made his now famous quote, Benjamin was addressing the issue of fire safety and urging Philadelphians to take care when transporting hot coals from room to room or else risk burning down their homes. Had Benjamin owned a home backup generator in those days we are certain he would have applied the same axiom to urge his countrymen to keep their generators repaired and serviced.

Benjamin’s salient advice is especially true when living in North Florida. Florida’s powerful thunderstorms, tropical hurricanes, or even brown out conditions during the heat of summer poses challenging conditions for the North Florida home owner. Keeping your home up and running calls for a plan and professional assistance.

Factory Trained, Authorized Service Professionals

American Electrical Contracting, Inc. has factory trained, authorized, professionals to service Generac and many other brands of home backup generators. To schedule a service call, 904-737-9046 or simply click Service Request & you will be taken to our Service Request page.

Preventative Maintenance for Your Home Generator

To keep home backup generators working in peak condition they require periodic maintenance. Home generators should be serviced or checked by an authorized generator service provider annually. American Electrical Contracting can help.

Periodic Service. Rest in the knowledge that when the next outage occurs your home backup generator will function as anticipated. American Electrical Contracting places your unit

Load Testing. Generators function best when they run as expected. That requires bringing a unit to its peak output against a serviceable load. Part of our periodic service programs does just this to ensure your generator will function properly each time it is needed.

Fuel Testing. Some generators run on diesel fuel. Over time fuel that sits can collect condensation and other sediment which can impede its efficiency and possibly damage your generator. We provide a fuel filtering service to test and maintain your fuel source.

Generator Monitoring. Modern home generators can be equipped with monitoring control systems which can report status of various component functions via smartphone or computer. These provide you with 24/7 status on your home generator.

American Electrical Contracting Inc is provides its customers with excellent product support. Give us a call regarding any maintenance, repair, or warranty questions you may have. All of our technicians are factory trained and certified to work on Generac and all other generator products, transfer switches and other accessories necessary for the smooth operation of your generator system, even if you didn’t purchase from us.

Request Service for your Home Generator

Requesting service on your Generac Home Standby Generator is easy.
To schedule a service call, 904-737-9046 or simply click Service Request to be taken to our Service Request page..

We all know, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, so keep your generator professionally serviced to avoid costly repairs.


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