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It’s hurricane season, you just heard the weather forecast & it’s not good. You roll out your portable generator, fill the gas tank and start looking for your extension cords. You find and untangle your extension cords and then start routing them to the appliances you want to keep powered. You finally finish routing your extension cords, leaving some doors open because they cannot close and tell everyone to be careful, don’t trip over the cords.
Worse than the above scenario, you connect your generator to your circuit breaker panel, to power your circuits when the power goes out. This is a very dangerous practice that can or injure linemen restoring power as electricity is back fed through the meter on to the power line.
Using the GenerLink Transfer Switch for Portable Generators neither of the above, annoying and dangerous actions will be taken. With GenerLink, when the power goes out you turn off all the circuits in your circuit breaker panel, connect the GenerLink power cord to the GenerLink unit attached to your meter, turn on your emergency circuits and start your generator according to your generator manufacturer’s instructions. Because your generator is feeding your circuits through the main panel, there is no need for extension cords running all over your home. (The above steps may differ depending on your generator but these are your basic steps. Consult your Generator Manual and GenerLink Manual for details.)
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When the power comes back the green LED on the GenerLink will light. Turn off your generator, unplug the GenerLink and turn all your circuits back on. There is no back feed danger when using the GenerLink, therefore no lineman’s life is in danger & you avoid the liability. JEA, FPL & Clay Electric have all approved this device. Beaches Energy approval is pending at the time of this article. Can your generator be used with the GenerLink? Review the Compatible Generator Guide.
Some portable generators do not put out a clean sign wave. This means the electricity being generated cannot be used for sensitive electronics such as computer and other devices. Dirty electricity‚ can damage or destroy your electronics. Rather than buying a power conditioner, to try and clean up your electrical signal, a better quality generator, like those sold by American Electrical Contracting is the best solution.
Portable Generator Safety is something that should be taken very seriously. Carbon Monoxide gas (Co2), a byproduct of using generators, can kill you. However, by following the manufacturer’s instructions on generator placement, this serious consequence can be avoided. Additionally, the use of Carbon Monoxide Detectors, installed by American Electrical Contracting, Inc., provides an audible alarm, alerting all that this dangerous, colorless, odorless gas is present. In large homes it is important that your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors are all networked together. Even when using a loud alarm, in large homes, they may not be heard by those furthest away. When these systems are networked the alarm sounds everywhere, so everyone knows to get out & notify the Fire Department.
*  The GenerLink is a UL listed Transfer Switch.
*  No More Tangled Extension cords or Tripping Hazards to deal with.
*  Approved by JEA, FPL & Clay Electric.
*  Comes standard with 20 foot power cord.
*  For Services up to 200A Single Phase.
*  Services Portable Generators up to 10,000 watts.
*  Safe for utility workers; Protects you from liability.
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