Home Automation – Installation and Programming

Home automation installation and programming should be handled by industry experts. At American Electrical Contracting, we have a dedicated home automation specialist on our highly expert staff. We work with you to design your own true home automation system. These designs can cover basic installation and programming, to a more in depth full home automation solution.

Home automation is the future. Imagine being able to remotely alarm your security system. Or, even better, have the security system programming using automation to turn on at a certain time, or when entry is detected.

Home automation can also save you money. Programming can be done to automatically switch on and off lights using home automation techniques. As added benefit, you can also control lights, the thermostat, appliances and much more. Your home automation installation can also be programmed to alert you via text or emails of any issues, or to confirm even the garage door is closed, all from any part of the world!

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