Home Automation Specialist – Pete Sepesi

Home Automation Specialist in Jacksonville - Pete Sepesi
Joining the team at American Electrical Contracting, Peter Sepesi brings fifteen plus years of experience in designing and installing electronic automated systems. Previous to American Electrical Contracting, Pete spent three and a half years at Apple Inc working with businesses to improve their customer’s experiences by implementing technology solutions. Previously, he operated a small business which specialized in A/V, home automation, and surveillance solutions. He has worked on projects in the New Jersey and New York metropolitan area as well as the Carolina’s and Florida.Pete is best known for his ability to troubleshoot and resolve challenges in existing and legacy systems. His passion for technology drives him to create environments which solve complex problems while enhancing the end-user experience. With homeowners and business professionals adopting mobile technology, Pete’s objectives include designing and implementing solutions that feature access from anywhere the client may be. These solutions identify ways to reduce energy and resources while working towards a greener future for our children.

Now part of the American Electrical Contracting team, Pete’s goal is to expand the scope of services currently offered. Automated systems, A/V integration, and surveillance solutions are just a few of the enhancements his experience will bring to our clients.

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