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Kohler 14kw Home Generator

Home Generator Is Easier Than You Think

The entire home generator process is much simpler than you might think. Many homeowners believe the installation of a standby generator is a complex undertaking.
The truth is, the process is automatic.

1. Before a Power Failure

The automatic transfer switch is an electronic sensing device which monitors the flow of power entering your home from the power company. It is constantly doing its job to make sure you always have a source of power.
The Power Indicator is a series of lights gives a visual indicator of the source of power – the power company or your generator.

2. The Power Fails.

When a power failure event occurs, such as a storm or brown out, or the power drops below a certain level, the ATS tells the generator to turn on. In a matter of seconds, the ATS performs its second job, and transfers the flow of power from the power company’s line to the generator.
In the time it took you to read this description your Kohler generator will have your home back up and energized with power.

3. Your Generator Supplies Your Home With Electricity.

All functions necessary for the transfer of power in your home are completed automatically without the home owner having to do anything!
Relax, Kohler has you covered. Each of our standby generators have undergone rigorous testing before being installed in your home. You can rely on us.

4. The Power Company Restores Electricity.

Once the utility has restored power, the ATS automatically senses the load and returns power to your home from the utility power supply.

5. Your Kohler generator shuts down.

Your standby generator automatically shuts down once power is returned from the power company. It continues to stand by waiting to spring into action during the next power event.

Video: How Home Generators Work

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