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How to Choose a Home Inspection Company

If you are planning on purchasing a home having your potential new home inspected by a certified professional home inspector is a great way to protect your investment.

Choosing the right home inspector is up to you and not all home inspections provide the same level of reporting per dollar spent. It pays to ask your realtor for a recommendation and follow up with the inspector to discuss the cost and the details of the inspection.

Most home inspections are accomplished on a base level of reporting which may include:
• Exterior Home Inspections
• Electrical
• Roof
• HVAC – Compressor
• Pools & SPA’S
• Interior Home Inspections
• Attic
• Plumbing
• HVAC – Air Handler
• Walls and Ceilings
• Major Appliances
• Electrical Switches and Outlets

While the above list gives you an idea of the items covered it is not a complete list. Be an informed consumer and ask for a detailed list regarding of their home inspections. There are usually optional inspection items which may be included for an additional fee.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – Remember the home inspection is paid for by you, and the company you choose is working for you not the seller. Be diligent and get the most for your money.

Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation

In the state of Florida home inspections are regulated and the inspection companies are required to have a license prior to performing work. You can read more about it at the state of Florida’s site for State of Florida Business & Professional Regulation

As part of the State of Florida’s requirements inspectors are required to pass a state test and hold a $300,000 commercial general liability insurance policy.

ASHI – American Society of Home Inspectors, Inc.

ASHI Inspectors adhere to a strict code of conduct, are required to have completed 250 home inspections prior to certification approval and have passed very rigorous technical exams. This is a professional organization, and while home inspectors in the State of Florida are not required to be a member, membership shows an additional level of commitment to the profession.

NAHI – The National Association of Home Inspectors, Inc.

Like ASHI the NAHI inspectors adhere to a strict code of conduct as part of their membership.

Owning a home can sometimes be challenging. Repairing small problems, before they become big ones, requires that they be identified first. How do you go about doing this? Contact a professional, home inspections company.

As with membership with ASHI being a member of NAHI is optional and not a State of Florida requirement.

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