Installation of Wired and Wireless Networks

At American Electrical Contracting, we have the best wired and wireless network installation experts in Jacksonville. We can be in on the ground floor of your home or business’ network installation. We can help plan, design, and implement full high speed data networks within your office or business.

Our experts also consider factors most other installers may not. Since we are experts in the electrical contracting, we know the proper cable terminations, and positions to cut down on interference and drop outs. Want to ensure your network is fast in all areas of the house? We can help you do just that.

Installation of a wired or wireless network can be done during the new construction phase of your home or business project. It can also be done after. Have a dead spot of wireless in your home? We can install wireless repeaters and strength boosters to enhance and stablize your network. Want to send wireless Internet to another location on your property such as a guest house or warehouse adjacent to your business? We can accomplish that.

At American Electrical Contracting, we are the wiring experts. We also have the best and certified installers to do teh job right the first time, and always at a fair price. Call us today to discuss your wired and wireless network needs for your home or business.

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