Kohler® – A Great Home Generator Solution

Kohler generator and house with lightning

Why Kohler Generators?

With many home generator brands, out there to choose from, here is why choosing a Kohler generator is an excellent choice.

Total Reliability

You can count on Kohler generators because we have a penchant for exhaustive testing on every component down to the last nut and bolt. At Kohler, we are committed to quality and it shows in the quality we invest in each generator. Before each generator leaves our production facility we have run it through its paces and then some. Each home generator utilizes a commercial duty power plant to run the generator through each power outage you may experience. We take the long view at Kohler providing you with the very best components available.

Kohler’s Premium Warranty

When you buy a Kohler Generator you receive a great warranty. We back your purchase with an industry gold standard five year, two thousand hour guarantee.The 14kw and 20kw generators come with a corrision-proof enclosure, all others generators have a corrosion resistant enclosure.

Everywhere You Go, People Trust Kohler

Homes all across America, hospitals, office, and commercial buildings, even nuclear power plants, trust the high quality and durability of Kohler generators.

We Have Been Around for Almost One Hundred Years

We manufactured our very first generator in 1920. Since that time Kohler has been committed to quality home, business and industrial generators. At Kohler we just keep getting better!

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