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Parking lot lights are a very important safety tool for business. Providing adequate lighting for your parking lot however, can incur a huge financial cost while at the same time, drive up the price of your monthly utility bill. At American Electrical Contracting, Inc. we offer a different solution – replace aging HID parking lot lights with either a LED retrofit or new LED lights. This can provide much better lighting and a reduce your utility bill by as much as 70% – 80%.
An investment in LED parking lot lighting technology will quickly recoup the initial cost and continue to save your firm money each month. American Electrical Contracting, Inc. installs parking lot lights in Jacksonville and the Northeast Florida region.
We also repair parking lot lights.

Retrofit Existing HID Parking Lot Lights with LED

Are your existing Metal Halide parking lot lights in good shape but not providing the light output you would like? Increase the light output when you retrofit your existing Metal Halide(MH) lights with LED’s. In some cases, utilizing new LED lighting will allow the removal of some existing parking lot light poles while increasing light output.
Installs are quick, and your return on investment (ROI) is immediate. We typically change Metal Halide parking lot lights in less than one hour.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Parking Lot Lights

  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Increased Safety
  • Better Light Distribution – Even coverage unlike Metal Halide(MH)
  • Reduce the number of light poles in some cases
  • Surge Protection minimizing the loss of many poles from one surge
  • Energy management solutions tailored to your business

As property managers choosing LED technology for your parking lot lights reduces cost and provides better lighting. In addition to better lighting products, we offer creative energy management tools & safety devices to help lower your operating costs. Our lighting experts will be happy to access your needs and make quality recommendations.

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