Panelized Lighting Installation and Programming

Before you build your next home or business location, give us a call about panelized lighting installation. Essentially this type of lighting control runs all your lights, and even fans, through one central panel. Through this central panel, wall mounted control keypads can be used to control all aspects of your lighting and fans in your home or business.

These type of systems can easily be programmed to save you money on your electrical bills. By having the control to automate your lighting system, you ensure you will never leave lights on longer than you have to. In addition, your lighting can easily be preset to various densities based on customized lighting programming.

Waking up early to make your morning coffee? Simply hit a switch and have all the lights turn to preset dim levels. Like the lights a certain way for dinner? Simply hit a button and your lights will remember the levels you set and were programmed by our lighting experts.

Often times, we have customers who want to retro-fit a lighting system. This is no problem and can be done relatively easily using wireless switchers and dimmers that replace those old manual ones. We plan from top to bottom your lighting installation so you and your family get the exact lighting atmosphere that suits your needs. Your home and office should be filled with little conveniences. Panelized lighting is just one way to make your home unique, and fit to your own lifestyle.

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