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It seems like it’s been coming forever, yet it has always been here. However, Solar Power has never been hotter than now in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida. The focus of the current Administration, tax incentives, higher utility costs, more efficient solar products and the “Green Movement” have all converged, moving solar power to the top of business opportunities and environmental consciousness. As part of our green consciousness, American Electrical Contracting, Inc is making the move to solar installation in Jacksonville, St. Augustine and other surrounding cities.
But what exactly is solar power and how does it work. Like anything else, solar explanations can be complicated or simplified. We chose simple, so we can all understand the basics and easily see the benefits. Solar 101 Solar is taking hold nationally, in a big way, especially in those areas of the country that have a lot of sunny days per year like Jacksonville and Northeast Florida. Let’s face it we live in the “Sunshine State”, which makes Florida a prime location for solar power. American Electrical Contracting, Inc. is an authorized contractor for Advanced Green Technologies a leading solar provider. We provide the installation of solar systems for both commercial and residential facilities.
Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) is an innovative renewable energy solutions provider who procures building-integrated renewable energy products. AGT works through the value chain to create efficiency and competitiveness, resulting in lower prices. As a leading Distributor for FlexLight Photovoltaic and GE Brilliance Solar Systems, AGT provides American Electrical Contracting with the products and support for installations of the most advanced, cost effective, and efficient green solutions for our commercial and residential customers.
With energy costs on the rise, the use of renewable energy solutions will not only reduce your expenses but will also promote environmental responsibility. American Electrical Contracting along with Advanced Green Technologies provides the photovoltaic solutions to enable you to experience renewable energy solved through monthly electric savings and utility credits along with the eligibility for Federal and State tax incentives. Commercial incentives are also available for businesses, more commercial incentives can be found here. So if you have read “The Bottom Line”, on this site and invested in new lighting, you can now substantially reduce your power grid usage, putting more dollars to your bottom line, forever!
American Electrical Contracting and Advanced Green Technologies put renewable energy to work so you can receive controlled costs and energy savings, promote environmental responsibility, and receive a comprehensive financial strategy, all resulting in an unparalleled return on investment(ROI).For commercial and residential solar installations, we offer FlexLight Photovoltaic Systems.
The FlexLight Photovoltaic System is a triple junction solar product that captures the full spectrum of sunlight, making it one of the most efficient photovoltaic products by providing more electricity output per dollar invested than others.
The FlexLight Photovoltaic System is a triple junction solar product that captures the full spectrum of sunlight, making it one of the most efficient photovoltaic products by providing more electricity output per dollar invested than others.
FlexLight provides the following benefits:
• Adheres directly to the roof without penetrations
• Approved for roofing manufacturer warranties
• Flexible and lightweight, virtually unbreakable
• Generates electricity at low light levels
• Hurricane resistant – Miami-Dade Building Code approved (So no problem for North Florida)

Residential Solar Installations

Proudly offing GE Brilliance crystalline photovoltaic systems for our residential clients.
The GE Brilliance system is the only complete, integrated GE photovoltaic system on the market. Simple, reliable solar installed by trained professionals.
• Produce your own clean, quite electricity
• Shield yourself from rising energy costs
• Increase the value of your home
• Protect the environment
• UL and IEC Listed
• Components indoor/outdoor rated
• Low profile panels, only 1.5″ thick
• Solid installation using premier Unirac systems
• Bypass diode across every row to minimize power loss when shaded
• High power density with 200 watts per panel
• 20 year limited power production warranty
If you live in one of the Jacksonville communities, Baymeadows, Mandarin, San Marco, Argyle, Avondale, Ortega, Riverside, Bayard, Mayport, Sandalwood, Oceanway, Dames Point, Arlington, Southside, Jacksonville Beaches, Ponte Vedra Beach or any of the other Jacksonville metro areas we can provide solar sales, service and installation.

GE’s Solar Breakthrough

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