Storm Season

Hurricane Season in Jacksonville

June 1st marks the beginning of hurricane and storm season. Here are a few questions to ask yourself?
1. Are you ready?
2. Do you have a home standby generator?
3. Has your generator been serviced?
4. Do you have surge protectors installed?
Forecasters are calling for an above average storm season. Depending on where you live, many of the preparations you make for hurricanes and other summer storms are preparations you normally require. If your power outages in your area tend to be more frequent or last for a long time, a stand by generator, can easily be a necessity.
If you own a business, especially one with perishable goods, a generator can easily pay for itself by eliminating your losses due to spoilage or equipment downtime. For the homeowner loss of electricity can be very annoying & stressful. For those with an ill family member, loss of electricity can be a life threatening event.
Whether you live in Duval, St. Johns, Nassau or Clay Counties, American Electrical Contracting, Inc. is your home standby generator and surge protection installation company.

Generator Services We Provide:

1. Size the unit – Determine what size generator you need based on your budget and the number of circuits you want to backup. Our backup solutions start as low as $750 if you have a portable generator and simply need to backup a few circuits without using extraneous cords
2. Installation – We install the generators to match your needs. This includes coordinating the installation of your LP (Liquid Propane) tank or the natural gas, necessary to fuel stand by generators.
3. Service After the Sale – In order for a generator to run reliably it must be serviced periodically. Our Generator Service Agreement will help to keep your generator running and at peak performance.
4. Generator Repair – Because generators are electro-mechanical products, once in a while they will need to be repaired. Our factory trained service crews will perform the necessary repairs to get your generator back up & running.
5. Extended Warranty – No matter how well electro-mechanical devices are made, they can fail. Warranties protect consumers from expensive repairs. With the optional 5 Year Extended Warranty, Generac Generator customers have protection for an extended period of time.

Indoor Generator

Do you live in a High Rise apartment on Jacksonville Beach, a condo on Fleming Island, or a planned community where standby generators are not permitted? Then consider purchasing an indoor backup power system.
We recommend the IPS 12000 Indoor Power System. The PowerReady IPS12000 (Indoor Power System) is a silent, indoor, gas and emissions free, maintenance & installation free, portable emergency backup system suitable for residential or commercial use.

Surge Protection

The term Secondary effect, is energy which is discharged after an initial lightning strike. This energy can travel up to 2 miles from its initial strike point and can enter your home via your electrical service panel, TV cable or phone line. Any wire entering a building is a potential conduit for external surges. We install surge protection to protect valuable electronics from multiple surge sources, both inside and outside thehome. With the manufacturers life time warranty, these devices will minimize losses by self-sacrificing when the surge is too large for them to control.
Many people erroneously believe because they have a surge protection strip they are fully covered. That is not the case. Read more about surges on this web site.
Lightning can travel at speeds of 130,000 MPH & reach temperatures of 54,000 degrees. The fact is, we can’t stop Mother Nature. By cascading protection with multiple surge protectors (TVSS) Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors, you can minimize or in many cases eliminate losses related to secondary lightning strikes and many other sources of surges.
With the storm season ahead contact American Electrical Contracting, Inc. to discuss residential & commercial backup generator requirements, as well as surge protection needs.
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