Surge Protection

What is a surge?

Power surges are mainly comprised of short bursts of electricity that can range from hundreds to thousands of volts. They are extremely unpredictable and are caused by conditions that exist both inside and outside a home or business. When these surges, sometimes called spikes, occur they can damage or destroy electronics or electrical products.

What causes surges?

Surges are a natural byproduct of having electricity. When various electrical products are turned on they create a surge. The source and the strength of that surge, in combination with the presence or absence of surge protection, may leave no noticeable effect on destroying various electrical products. For example, when motors start they create a strong surge, but typically do not destroy other products. However, if a power pole is struck by a vehicle or lightning, that action creates a strong surge which is typically damage inflicting. Whether damage occurs, depends on where the surge travels after it was generated. Lightning has the most catastrophic effect, however utility power surges cause the most damage nationally.

What can you do to prevent surges?

Power surges will always happen, but their effects can be minimized & in many cases eliminated by professionally installed & supported surge protection devices. American Electrical Contracting installs surge protection for homes & businesses in Jacksonville and the Northeast, Florida area.

Hidden surge protection costs by utility companies.

Some utility companies offer free installation of a surge protector. Initially this seems like a good idea. However, on average, approximately $9 is added to your electric bill on all future bills. When you purchase surge protection & installation from American Electrical Contracting, Inc. you pay one cost and receive the following benefits:

1. Surge protector replacement, installation included (free of charge), should your surge protector fail in the first year of ownership.

2. Lifetime replacement if the surge protector ever fails.

3. Claim form should a failed surge protector caused you to lose a product. *

Appliances such as, refrigerator, TV, video game box, stereo and computer each can easily cost $500 each and higher. The data on your computer is priceless. Doesn’t it make sense to protect your investment with professionally installed surge protection? Recouping your lost investment through an insurance claim rarely yields an appropriate value. Install surge protection & put your mind at ease.

* Please call for details.

American Electrical Contracting, Inc. installs surge protection in the following communities:

Jacksonville Beaches
Ponte Vedra Beach
Orange Park
St. Augustine
Fernandina Beach
And other surrounding towns

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