Installation of your Tesla charging equipment needs to be done right the first time. American Electrical has successfully installed dozens of charging systems for Tesla owners just like you. Increasing the load on your existing electrical system isn’t something you want to leave to chance so let a licensed electrical contractor who has experience and certification backing your new investment. We will analyse your existing electrical circuits and your expected daily driving habits to determine the appropriate recommendation for you.

Tesla Certified Electrician

Installation of the Tesla charging equipment in your home should only be performed by a certified Tesla installation specialist. American Electrical Contracting is a Tesla certified electrician. Our electricians have been Tesla trained to install the circuits and charging equipment to safely charge your car.

Tesla Charging Requirements

To charge your Tesla you will need a 240 volt outlet or a Tesla wall connector installed in proximity to your parking space.

Tesla Charging Calculator

Use this calculator to gain insight into your charging requirements based on your daily commute. The calculator will give you an idea about what type of electrical circuit you need based on daily usage and the required charging time.

Which On-Board Charger Do I Need?

There are two types of on-board Tesla chargers:

  1. Standard Charger
  2. High Amperage Charger

Standard Tesla On-Board Charger – The standard charger is designed to supply the daily needs of most Tesla owners charging needs.

Tesla Model S: Recharge rate of 34 minutes based on a 60 amp circuit breaker

Tesla Model X: Recharge rate of 30 minutes based on a 60 amp circuit breaker

High Amperage Tesla Charger – The high amperage charger is designed for customers who require faster charging times.

Tesla Model S: Recharge rate of 52 minutes based on a 90 amp circuit breaker

Tesla Model X: Recharge rate of 46 minutes based on a 90 amp circuit breaker


Destination Charging Stations In North Florida

Tesla Wall Connector Features & Benefits

Tesla Wall Connector

Gen 2 Tesla Wall Connector

The wall connector provides quicker charging speeds than the mobile connector. The wall connector plugs directly into the Tesla Model S or Model X and as such allows you to leave the mobile connector in your trunk. The wall connector is recommend for homes with more than one Tesla. You may link up to 4 units to a single circuit breaker which will allow you to share power between several vesicles.

Note: Power sharing is only compatible with second generation wall connectors, built after April 2016 or later.


Wall Connector

  • Compatible with Model S and Model X
  • Customizable power settings to fit any electrical system
  • Power sharing: Link up to four Wall Connectors to a single circuit
  • Two cable length options: 8.5’ or 24’
  • Indoor and outdoor rated

Have a licensed electrician from American Electrical Contracting review the electrical load of your home prior to installation. As with any home improvement project, a permit and city inspection may be required.