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The Green Zone – We Care About The Environment

Are you considering implementing a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) project in North East Florida? If so, contact us. American Electrical Contracting, Inc. cares about the environment and knows how to implement green projects. We install energy efficient products, like LED and florescent bulbs, electronic ballast, low voltage lighting, timers, motion sensors etc. These and many other energy efficient products are designed to use less electricity, save money, the environment and keep your project in the green zone.
While becoming energy efficient may cost more in the short term, green products are cheaper to use and typically last far longer than older technology devices. In the electrical world, unless a product is designed to produce heat, heat is wasted energy. A compact florescent light bulb (CFL) operates substantially cooler than an incandescent bulb, while producing more light. LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is rapidly becoming the consumer’s choice and will surpass CFL as consumer’s demand more green products without disposal issues. If you do not want CFL bulbs, saving energy can be as simple as dimming your standard incandescent bulbs with a regular dimmer switch.
However, entering the green zone does not and should not stop with the consumer. Leviton Manufacturing a leader in the electrical products industry, has many automated, energy management products for residential and commercial use. When you meet with your American Electrical Electrician, whether we are working on your home or your business, ask about our residential and commercial automation solutions.
Government tax credits are available for businesses. When energy saving commercial products, like lighting, is installed by American Electrical Contracting, we provide calculations of how much your business will save and how long it will take to recover your investment. For homes, the savings are not as dramatic. That being said, there are millions of homes, so the cumulative effect of small consistent savings has a huge positive environmental impact even if your personal savings is not large.
While the sharp rise of oil prices made everyone “Think Green”, the fall of oil prices provides a false sense of security that all is well. Going green is not a fad and is not restricted to the USA. From hybrid cars to alternative power, homes and businesses are entering the green zone in record numbers. The trend away from fossil fuels will continue, providing a substantial momentum for businesses as they learn how to profit from the green zone. Governments around the globe are going to demand that everyone become more energy efficient.

“It’s Keen to be Green.”

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