Home Generator Basics

A home generator at work

What is a home generator?

A home generator is a mechanical device which is installed on the outside of your home, much like the air conditioning unit which sits on a pad next to your house. The generator itself resides within a weather proof enclosure and automatically begins operation within a matter of seconds once the standard power to your home fails. You can rest easy knowing that events like severe weather, downed power lines or brown out conditions will not place you and your family in the dark.
Home generators are powered by propane or natural gas so there is no need for refueling with diesel or gasoline.

Home Generator Usage

  • A perfect solution for insulating your home from power outages
  • Automatic startup restoring power within a matter of seconds. Functions even when no-one is at home
  • Home Generators powers all your home’s electrical needs. Everything from air conditioning, heating including large appliances
  • No need to concern yourself with diesel or gasoline refueling. Runs on propane or natural gas
  • Home generator power output meets all quality specifications for power requirements. They will not harm any installed electrical components

Home Generators Save Money.

Weather related events are the primary cause for most power outages. In recent years the weather has become more severe and the number of power outage events is up dramatically. The increase in power failures has created hardship conditions for home owners who do not have backup power systems.
Consider the costs associated with frozen pipes, flooded basements, spoiled food, hotel accommodations and even travel. These collateral expenses can rapidly skyrocket and eclipse the cost of a home generator system. Predictions are for severe weather patterns to be on the rise. Be prepared with a backup home generator power solution for your home and save money in the long run.

What is a home generator?

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