Distributed Audio and Video Design

Technology has come a long way. Included in this are the capabilities of audio and video in both home and business applications. At American Electrical Contracting, we have on staff experts to help you get the type of audio and video system you want for your home or business.

A distributed audio system opens up a wide range of possibilities for your audio system. These can be small scale systems, or very large ones. One application would be to have certain audio channels and volumes running to let’s say a warehouse. Your employees can listen to certain playlists and volumes.

Of course, your customers may not want to hear the same audio played in your warehouse. A separate set of speaks and audio source can be used for your customer area. In addition, the audio can be distributed in such a way as to turn down when an announcement is made. So instead of blaring a PA type system, the music can fade out while the announcement is made,m then turn back up when done.

This has applications too in locations such as gyms. Some areas of the gym such as yoga areas may have certain types of music playing as well as volume levels. Other areas such as the main weight area, may have a variation of music for that part.

The same can be done with video design. Have your video signal boosted to reach various locations on your property or home. Have separated video channels for certain rooms or locations within your home or business. A typical splitter does not accomplish this, as you may need signal boosters and amplifiers.

Contact us today for your audio and video design needs. Our experts can answer any questions for you and discuss a wide range of options for distributed audio and video design applications.

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